Traditional hand embroidered Mexican clothing from Hidalgo

The state of Hidalgo
What aspects of the embroidery of each ethnic group stand out?



The Tenango embroidery is originally from San Nicolás, located in the Sierra Otomi-Tepehua 8 km from the municipality of Tenango de Doria in the state of Hidalgo, north of Mexico City. Saint Nicholas is better known as "The cradle of Embroidery" Most of the population is dedicated to embroidery and drawing in Tenango. Legend has it that the Tenangos were born because, in time of war, the Otomies tribes took refuge behind a rock formation known as "El Cirio"; There, they captured cave paintings that passed from generation to generation.

The embroidery is done mainly on a white or black blanket using cotton threads.

The drawings of their embroidery reflect part of their culture, the environment that surrounds them, such as birds, animals, flowers, plants. The great colour of the embroidery is something very characteristic. Each artisan makes each Tenango Embroidery unique by creating designs that reflect their inspiration and state of mind.