About Us

Mercadito Mexicano is a new brand in Canada, born from the idea of spreading and sharing the extraordinary work of our artisans from different parts of the Mexican Republic. With their hands and creativity, these artisans make the most beautiful and colourful blanket embroideries. They use different types of fabrics and naturally dyed threads. To create a great variety of handmade clothing, they use ancestral techniques inherited from generation to generation. That is why these garments are known as typical Mexican clothing. For us, it is a pride to be able to offer, through Mercadito Mexicano, such magnificent and colourful work.

It is a pleasure to offer our clients the art that is reflected in each garment. Our Mexican artisans dedicate hours, days and many times, even months of work creating a unique piece.

The craftsman tells a story in each piece, where he leaves a part of his heart. Mexican artisans are passionate about their work and art. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to acquire and enjoy these unique pieces of Mexican art.

Likewise, Mercadito Mexicano complies with the social responsibility of helping this tradition to continue and not to extinguish; promoting products made by our indigenous Mexicans. We do our bit by taking our beautiful embroidery to another country, introducing our beautiful culture and traditions of our beloved Mexico.