Traditional hand embroidered Mexican clothing from Chiapas

The state of Chiapas
What aspects of the embroidery of each ethnic group stand out?



The elaboration of huipils, napkins, ponchos and shirts on the waist loom stands out, embroidered with traditional Mayan designs. Also noteworthy are the wool jackets made in Chamula.


Famous for their embroidered dresses, nightgowns, tablecloths, pants and white blouses. Their designs stand out for the textures that semitransparent cotton and the use of rhombus figures, scorpions, snakes and toads. Its textiles are made up of striking colours, especially when highlighting the flower embroidery with a fuchsia colour.


Most of its embroidery is black with figures that recall its origins. They embroider the great flora and fauna of what once stood on the banks of the Totopak River.